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>> back in washington, d.c., the ian rand institute speaking at the d.c. rally today and you and i have spoken many times and never spoke about the issue on the air but we have, i talked to you in my office, here in new york city and we had lunch one day, and i'm a big fan of ian rand and i dismiss her godlessness like i think you dismiss the fact i believe in god, but i think, two people like both of us, can come together, our country was founded on the idea that me being a believer in god or you an objectist does not harm me or you as long as we don't cannibalize each other, would you say that is fair? >> well, i think that is right and the founding father understood that and that is why there is a separation of church and state and as long as we can agree on that separation and keeping it strong, absolutely we can continue to fight. but, i do think that if we try to defend capitalism and try to defend freedom on the basis of the judeo-christian morality we are in trouble, because i think that morality is much more consistent with socialism than capitalism and the country was fou
the people in washington are the people here in new york and they don't seem to be telling you the truth. they give the approach of a non-bomb throwing elf. their power isn't in explosives. their power is in threats and intimidation. threats and intimidation. that's what this is all about. you just stay strong, because, really, quite honestly, they have no idea what they're up against. the truth shall set us free. people will make fun of people like you and me for believing in a day where there were simpler times, where people were good to each other, where we didn't beat each other to death in the streets of chicago with a railroad tie, kind of a norman rockwell america. i happen to believe in norman rockwell america. i know there were times that were bad and places that were bad, and problems in those times, but people were generally good. they had values, and they knew what was of value. i believe in the times -- do
gwen: summer vacation is over, and how. we'll talk about it all tonight on "washington week." it fell to the vice president to make the week's most straightforward observation about the prospects for a health care reform. the president put all his chips on the table next week with a back in business address to a joint session of congress. health care is priority number one, but other issues loom, an increasingly unpopular war in afghanistan. >> i absolutely do not think it is time to get out of afghanistan. gwen: a still-struggling comply, and a slippery political environment -- all signal a tough autumn ahead. joining us tonight for our labor day preview, dan balz of the "washington post," jackie calmes of "the new york times," john dickerson of "slate" magazine and cbs news, and martha raddatz of abc news. >> celebrate 40 years of journalistic excellence, from our nation's capital, this is "washington week" -- "washington week with gwen ifill & national journal." corporate funding for "washington week" is provided by -- >> we know why we're here. to design the future of fl
con . en washington buscan ayudar a los jovenes desempleados latinos a conseguir una fuente de empleo..maria rosa lucchini tiene los detalles.. mayra es una de las millones de personas que han sido despedidas....ella trabajaba como maestra... "estoy verificando aca as diferentes agencias que hay, diferentes departamentos y viendo tambien que opciones tambien hay, que existen de empleo" informar sobre oportunidades de empleo es parte de la agenda en la convencion anual del instituto de la bancada congresional hispana en washington dc...y es que mas hispanos estan siendo afectados por la crisis... "ahorita esta demasiado dificultoso, porque el primero que dejan ir muchas veces es el latino y especialmente como esta ahorita la economia, es demasiado dificultoso" durante la convencion, participantes pueden obtener informacion sobre los empleos disponibles en agencias del gobierno y empresas privadas... "algun tiempo se va cambiar la situacion y
univision washington hace 20-anos... efectivamente, estamos a@@@ cumpliendo 20-anos de informar de manera objetiva y eficiente a @anuestra comunidad... a la avenida wisconsion... oscar burgos y quien les habla fuimos participes de esas primeras transmisiones... oscar, que recuerdos tienes de aquellos dias?.. ... bueno la verdad que hay muchas cosas que recuerdo, y parece que fue ayer cuando iniciamos este noticiero con muchos inconveniente y que poco a poco los estamos mejorando. asi recuerdo que nuestro set a involucrabamos en todos los segmentos... en mi caso por ejemplo, me toco presentar algunas veces las noticias, otras haciendo el segmento de espectaculos, el tiempo o dando lectura a editoriales... af????????? testigos de todo su evolucion, ya sea desde el punto de vista tecnologico como del contenido editorial...y seguimos creciento porque los tiempos modernos nos establecen nuevos retos... ?????????? y continuando con las celebraciones de los primeros veinte años de este noticiero, la ciudad de washington se une a este gran evento que refleja
we can stop it. then, gee, what has the mainstream media missed saturday on the march on washington snim ail's show it to you and a special message from the 9/12 project. if you think this country is great but the government is trying to destroy it, stand up and come follow me. hello, america. it's 5:00 on the east coast. i'm glad that you are here. wow. what an amazing weekend this was. the 9/12 rally happened in d.c., and if there was any question on where america stands right now, i think these images from d.c. should help answer them. look at the number of people. you know, the estimates on the crowd size range wildly. i read a story last night from "the daily mail" in london and they say it was about 2 million. i have also read stories that it was the ob blig tory tens of thousands of people. yes, there are tens of thousands. i think that was a lowball, i think. whatever the actual number is, it doesn't really matter. look at pictures. the turnout was absolutely astonishing. take a look at the side by side comparison. now, can you show the side by sides here? on one side, it is
, the early word on when the first doses may arrive. firing line in washington and around the country. how much of the current political fireworks show is about race. tonight, a former president weighs in. >>> is it over? there's evidence of good news on the economy. what's the troous about jobs? >> remembering patrick swayze after his battle with cancer. >>> why washington may never be the same after the new dan brown novel. >>> a huge response to our report about debit cards and what you can do about the fees. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening, the message from the u.s. government and the news media has been that it's going to take at least two flu shots this season rk one for the regular or seasonal flu and the other for the swine flu that continues to spread. the question is, when will the swine flu shots be ready. tonight, the government gave us the answer. it is ready. we have details from our chief correspondent, robert bazell. >> reporter: the fda approved the swine flu vaccine. it should arrive in four weeks or sooner. >> i a
for a missing student now over. "good morning washington" begins right now. captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. good >>> monday morning, washington. i'm doug mcelway. >> and i'm alison starling. thank you for joining us on this monday. let's begin with your weather. what a great day yesterday. it was really nice. >> we will look for lots of nshine, temperatures in the mid mid 80's. by the time we get to the middle part of the week, it will be more cloudy and damp. 64 in gaithersburg. your winds are light. temperatures in the mid 80's. >> qui traffic. everything looks cool on the highway. overnight construction at the wilson bridge. we are good on 95 in and out of baltimore. this is the 270 corridor. it is great. headlights heading south down. no problems out of germantown. this is 95 in virginia. theed side is heading southbound in springfield. >> thank you. >>> it was on this day one year ago that lehman brothers collapse. >> the president is calling for more oversight of the financial i
. hello, america. i have to tell you, i would much rather be -- can you show the pictures of washington. i would much rather be in washington, d.c. today where thousands and thousands of people, the official estimate is 60,000 people, i used to live in washington, d.c., can you bring the full screenshot of the top screen behind me, please? yeah. that is from the steps of the capitol. i lived in washington. more than 60,000, we will go with the official numbers today. i'm not in a good mood because i would rather be there quite honestly and standing in the crowd with people. and the other thing is i spent an hour in traffic. that is how out of control our government is. here in new york, they had a labor day parade today, the week after labor day. nobody stood and watched it. it was labor unions walking down the street and so they closed traffic here in new york. it was i felt festive. now, we go to washington, d.c. the people are calling this an antitax tea party, maybe it is. personally, i think this is a collection of people who have never probably marched before. they never protested fo
washington" begins right to now. captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >>> good morning, washington. i'm doug mcelway. >> and i'm alison starling. we have much more on the fight for health care reform. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> i know we do have some rain just beginning to come down. >> it is very light in nature. i do think we will see some intensity with this rain into the afternoon and evening. 66 downtown. 70 in leesburg. 64 in bowie. temperatures around the low 70's or so with some rain showers developing later this afternoon and into the overnight. >> this is an uneventful ride right now. they did some construction on the beltway at the american legion bridge. things are running very smoothly across the american legion bridge. no problems at the wilson bridge. into the district, no issues to report. this is the shot of the american legion bridge. good through northeast and southeast. this is a map to show you travel times are in your favor. we will give you the green light on 95 from baltimore to richmond. no problems on 270. mo
to work. "good morning washington" continues right now. captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >>>ood morning, washington. 6:00 on this tuesday. i am doug mckelway. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. let's start with brian van de graaff. >> we do have some showers out there today. we're seeing a few sprinkles in rosslyn. it will beti me y c manee sostee of the rain along the 95 corridor from wwfeun, prince wliam, sprinkles and most of it is hanging over northern virginia. we're in the 60's and not a big temperature shift. off and on showers and very much overcast skies. probably not a good ingredient to throw into the terrible traffic mix. >> that is true. it is up to you. be careful in the neighborhoods. many callers tell us there has been a crash. traffic out of virginia. crashed at the virginia end of the american legion bridge. it is along the left side of the road. this is torched virginia. they will be distracted, i am sure. now to top stories. >> everybody is having some more, back to work or back-to- school. we have team coverage and
, good morning, washington. >>> welcome back to "good morning washington." we're feeling a pretty nice breeze in downtown rosslyn. winds are about five or 10 miles an hour. we do have mid 50's in front royal. 56 in hagerstown. rockville, 56. 64 in the district. sunshine will warm us up nicely. it will be pleasant and warm. temperatures in the mid 80's. it will be down right lovely. a cooler, grayer pattern starting on wednesday. any oblems out there? >> metro rail is reporting some emergency track work on the green line. they are forced to still -- to single-tracking green line planes near largo. you'll find delays on the green line and on the red line from the earlier incident. this is 395 traffic heading northbound near duke street. looks like we of the normal volume building. >> thank you. >>> 6:12. 64 degrees. >> when we continue, some more details on the president's plan to get the government out of the private sector. quest a new tape from osama bin laden. we will check that and s that a >> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling, m
on a memoir with his wife. stay on fox news for the very latest on this breaking news. and tonight, washington d.c. becomes a tea party. massive crowds marching the streets, and no one knows that our rates better than -- outrage better than glenn beck, who is going on the record. plus, it is not just a tea party -- in this town halls tonight. three voters who took on members of congress go on the record with us. but first, who want some tea? massive crowds filled the streets of washington, angry about health care reform, taxes, and growing government. ♪ >> these people are informed, and they are outraged about the spending, the death, the government takeovers, the taxes. it is not just the last six months. it is the last 10 years. >> congress knows that we are here. of course. we have shut down washington. president obama, and you hear us now? -- can you hear us now? >> you want health care, work hard, get a job, by health insurance. >> together, let's let our voices be heard, and let freedom ring. greta: beck is the author of a new book, "arguing with idiots," hitting bookstore shelves sept
county, route 1, washington boulevard, an accident was found there. some fired a permit activity in another location. and the water main break near fowler avenue. watch for possible enclosures there. volume is picking up, but no official delay on the major roadways. flashing lights, some construction on the left shoulder on the beltway. everything is going away from the maryland line to the beltway. that is the latest on traffic. back over to you. bu>> a man is accused of robbing two women at bank of america. our reporter is like that a baltimore county police headquarters with the details. >> of, police know what these suspects look like. they are hoping that someone will recognize him and come forward before his crimes get too dangerous. they have escalated in nature. police of warwick it will get worse. this is the man -- police are worried it will get worse. this is the man. makes many feel secure even after dark. >> i should have seen something. a lot of people are driving by. customers at night. he jammed a gun into a woman's last saturday. drive to a particular location. >
on an envelope at nasa headquarters in washington, dc. hazmat teams have been sent to the facility in northwest washington. we're told the immediate area was evacuated but not the entire building. there are no associated threats with the incident but crews are investigating. we're also told no injuries or illnesses have been reported. >>> two movie star monkeys had a stressful morning at a boston hotel. high readings of carbon monoxide disrupted their sleep and forced them to make a quick evacuation. stars of adam sandler's new movie "the zookeeper" were also among the 300 guests. good news for the guests and monkeys, the leaks were fixed and no one was hurt. >>> a coastal flood advisory has been issued. that means there could be high water in some areas, particularly from harford county, southern baltimore county, down into anne arundel county. as well as portions of the eastern shore including the maryland beaches, a good section of delaware as well as new jersey. our forecast for this evening -- not that rough here in the baltimore area. mostly cloudy, a few sprinkles, temperatures will han
to an end. john hendren joi us from washington with these new signs. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning, vinita. with retail sales making their biggest jump in three years, we're hearing the kind of optimism out of washington we haven't heard in a long time. when fed chairman, ben bernanke, said this -- >> even though, from a technical perspective, the recession is very likely over at this point, it's still going to feel like a very weak economy for some time. >> reporter: many economists heard this. >> the recession is very likely over at this point. >> reporter: and for good reason. that guarded optimism matches the latest economic indicators. suggesting the great recession will officially end this quarter. august retail sales were up a surprising 2.7%. >> people are feeling that maybe now they can loosen up a bit. they're not in panic mode anymore. they're in recovery mode. >> reporter: americans bought more electronics and appliances and clothing. >> i'm feeling that i want to buy something. >> reporter: car sales surged, thanks to the cash for clunkers program, as president
gwen: summer vacation is or, and how. wel talk about it all tonight on "washington week. it fl to the ve president to make the week's mos straightfoard observation out the prospects for a health care reform. the president put all his chips the table nex week with a back in business address to a joint session of congress. alth care is priority number one, but other isss loom, an increasingly unpular war in afghanistan. >> i absolutely do not think it is time toet out of afghanistan. gwen: a still-strugglin comply, and a slippery political enronment -- all signal a tough aumn ahead. joining us tonight for our labor dayreview, dan balz of the "wasngton post," jkie calmes of "the neyork times,"ohn dickerson "slate" magazine d cbs news, and martha raatz of abc news. >> cebrate 40 years of jonalistic excellencefrom our nation's capal, this is "washington ek" -- "washingt week with gwen ifill & natiol journal." corporate funding for "washington week" rovided by -- >> we know why we're he. to desig the future of flight, inside and out. >>o build tomorrow's technology inmazing ways. >>
and washington that authorities in the u.s. andn europe made serious attempts to coral the terrorists in their own backyards. just how hamas survived for as long as it did in the u.s. is one of the more surprising elements of a worldwide story -- the worldwide story of these radical islamists. i want you to picture washington, d.c., in your minds put yourselves on the mall at the foot of the washington monument. few hundred yards away on pennsylvania avenue is j. edgar hoover building, home to the fbi. just a few doors up is the u.s. partment of justice, maybe 12 miles to the northeast the cia headquarters at langley, virginia. all points covered you would have thought. but just a few miles south from the cia is leafy falls church over the state line in virginia but still a part of greater washington. that's where a man who lived in the late 1980s and the early 1990s. on south 6th street. apart from observing him mowing his lawns occasionally, the neighbors knew nothing. the authorities even less. he was a renter, no driver's license, no property tax. his business card named a firm bu
bienvenidos a la emision de noticias de las 11-de la noche..en washington organizacis de jornalero de todo el pais. .. se reuniran paraedirle a ineo 287g, que le autoriza a las policias locales trabajar como agente migratorio... jose angel aguirre nos tiene mas informacion de estos preparativos... la red nacional de jornaleros se preparan para una asamblea nacional en washington dc con pancartas en contra del polemico programa migratorio 287 g se espera que alrededor de 300 organizaciones de toda la nacion participen en diferentes eventos especificamente queremos que eliminen la 287 g... la 287 g es una ley que le omomomoñ policia en convertirse en migra las organizaciones de jornaleros no pierden las esperanzas de lograr reactivar la reforma migrator a pesar de que programas migratorio como el 287 g estan creciendo en diferentes condados del pais hablan de que la 287 g es para prevenir digamos el crimen es contra la gente digamos los malechores eso esta bien nadie va a negar que eso es malo... el problem
la vacuna podria conseguirse a mediados de octubre ...en washington dc jose angel aguirre univision mientras tanto, la universidad de maryland iformo que el numero de estudiantes eaque se han reportado con sintomas de la influenza a h1n1, desde que comenzaron las clases hace dos semanas, llego a 506... segun una portavoz del centro de estudios muchos de ellos ya se recuperaron ... el campus universitario tiene cerca de 36-mil estudiantes... un grupo de medicos y familiare cancer de cerebro testificaron esta tarde en el congreso sobre el posible peligro de telefonos celulares, cuyo uso podria causar dicho mal... ellie marks, una mujer que llego desde san francisco para exponer el problema de su esposo quien sufre de cancer terminal en la parte derecha de su cerebro.. su esposo utilizaba el telefono celular por varias horas al dia durante 20 años, por lo que medicos que han realizado bx@p@ estudios al respecto enfatizan sobre la importancia utilizar los accesorios de manos libres... en washington buscan ayudar a qos jovenes desempleados las a conseguir una fuente de empleo..ma
@zúñ@zúñ@zúñc washington sta de aniversario... son 20-anos de informar de manera objetiva y eficiente a nuestra comunidad... nuestras emisiones se iniciaron en el ano 1989, en el edificio de canal 5- sobre uuvenidauuuu wisconsion... uuuutunadauun parte de uula evouuon uuuuul noticiero, ya sea desde el punto de vista tecnologico como del contenido editorial...y seguimos creciento porque los tiempos modernos nos establecen nuevos retos... y continuando con las celebraciones de los primeros veinte años de este noticiero, la ciudad de washington se une a este gran evento que refleja el crecimiento de nuestra comunidad hispana y este medio ..debido a esto, el concejal del distrito de columbia jim graham, acompanado por sus colegas phil mendelson, mary cheh, y michael brown, presentaron a univision washington la resolucion respectiva declarando el 19 de septiembre como el dia de univision washington en washngton..... . la presentacion de la resolucion respectiva de caracter privado tuvo lugar en la camara de sesiones del concejo municipal..mas adelante el acto protocolar se extendera al plenar
tradicional festival latino a washington con su desfile de naciones, y en el que participaron delegaciones nacionales de baile y musica de la mayoria de los paises. de centro y sur america.y que decir de la comida tradicional, sus platos y bebidas tipicas de las tres americas reunidos en la mount pleasant....el alcalde de washington, adrian fenty dirigiendose en vivo por univision washington reseno los logros de su gobierno en aras de los latinos, y dijo que brindara mas apoyo a los pequenos negocios y mejorara los servicios para miles de personas que se estan mudando a la capital..y para cerrar el festejo reconocidos grupos musicales como el merenguero mala fe, y el grupo feminino baby swing, se presentaron en los diferentes escenarios eregidos en el lugar... al fin y al cabo se pudo celebrar la gran fiesta de la ciudada con mucho exito... en maryland entrara en vigencia una nueva ley, para sancionar a los conductores que utilizan sus telefonos moviles para enviar mensajes, pero esta ley esta originando una gran confusion.. nuestra companera claudia uceda nos explica... es
, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >>> good friday morning. i'm doug mcelway. >> and i'm alison starling. thank you for joining us. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> let's start with brian van de graaff. the rain has picked up again. >> the heavier bands of showers have been moving in. they're down towards southern maryland. they are working towards the metro. we will see a heavier band of rain from 95 to 270 eastward. it will move out of here by the afternoon. there'll be light rain west of the city. we're in the 50's this morning. damp with some drizzle out this afternoon. how is the commute? afternoon. how is the commute? >> so far, not too bad. there is anacntcide on the beltway. police and fire are headed that way. 270 corridor, there is construction. they are in the process of clearing out of the way. back to you. >> thank you. >>> our top story, 9/11 remembered. it was eight years ago when the first attack began. >> a day of mourning has become a day of service. the victims and the mourners will share the spotlight. we have more. >> grid morning. ther
. >> sounds like politics. thank you for that. >>> a battle over political correctness and the washington redskins. the issue is the redskins trademark racist or offensive. they are asking the supreme court to decide that. a lower court ruled against them on a technicality. they want the justices to review this. >>> a fighting irish man turned bank bandit wanted by police in maryland. he robbed a chevy chase bank in silver springs. he passed the teller a note, wearing a notre dame hat. police believe the dreadlocks are a wig. if he looks familiar, police would like to hear from you. >>> bizarre kilg in baltimore. a college student took down a suspected burglar with a samurai sword. he heard noises, went to the garage, found a burglar and told him to that point the sus lunged at the student. he retaliated by stricting the suspect -- stricting the suspect soops. >> he stabbed him in the hand. the intruder had a lengthy criminal record. >>> now to a murder mystery in silver springs. it's been over a week since simone white was killed. today her family made a plea for help. can have can have
conditions to the beach communities. other than here in washington, we've been getting some wind being wind gusts of 20 to 5 miles -- 25 miles per hour in the last 4 hours. across southern new jersey up to they are expecting six inches of rain with this e'em w vegot a tornado watch issued for the entire state of delaware and much of new jersey. if you arehooded north and eas up towards philadelphia or new york, be ready for very, very slow travel here. j st in washington, it is u rain. not too far off to the south an ea, down towards charles county, st. mary's county, you are getting very heavy rain. tt rina is expected to continue for the next hour or two as this system very slowly lifts off to the north and e. if you are waking up to the west, you are saying what is the big deal. you'll ahave sunshine later today. this forecast will be very ifecn specific depending on your geographic location this morning. winds are oust rth at 14 miles per hour. the forecast and again, it depends on where you are awaking up but here in washington, it will rain for the first part of the day. we should
gwen: summer vacatn is over, and how. we'll lk about it all tonight on "washington week." it fell to the vice esident to make the week's most straightrward observation about the prospects for a health care reform. the president put all his chips on the table nt week with a back in businessddress to a int session of congress. heal care is priority number one, but other issues om, an increasingly uopular war in afghanistan. >> i absolutely do not think it is time to getut o afghanistan. gwen: a still-struggling comply, and a slippery political enviroent -- all gnal a tough autum ahead. joining usonight f our labor da preew, dan balz of the "washingn post," jackicalmes of "the new yo times," john dickersoof "slate" magazine andbs news, and martha raddat of abc news. >>elebrate 40 years of urnalistic excellen, from our nation's cital, this "washingtoweek" -- "washinon week with gwen ifill & national journal." corporate funding for "washington week" is proded by -- >> we know why we'reere. desn the future of flight, inside and out. to build tomorrow's technology in amazing ways. >> and
confrontation. "good morning washington" begins right now. captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >>> good morning, washington. it i wednesday. i'm doug mcelway. >> and i'm alison starling. thank you for joining us. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> adam caskey is filling in for brian today. >> all day felt on the cool side yesterday. we have a significant amount of cloud cover. more clouds then sunshine. you will get those brief breaks. 56 in rockville. 58 in the district. 68 is the high temperature again this afternoon. a few isolated sprinkles are possible throughout the morning and even into the afternoon. tonight will be cooler than last night. there could be some frost out west. >> they are clearing overnight construction around the area. belvoir travel is ok. interstate travel will look good. -- beltway travel is ok. we do not have any accidents to report around the region. we have a couple of cameras to show you. the volume is in your favor. things are goodon the beltway i
ready for today's g-20 summit. "good morning washington" begins right now. captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. good morning >>>, washington. i'm doug mcelway. >> and i'm alison starling. thank you for joining us. but it is started with your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> brian van de graaff, it is warm and sticky. >> de two of fault -- day two of fall. 70 in chantilly. seven process across the board this morning. periods of warm and sunshine. some showers cannot be ruled out. mid 80's, like yesterday. we will see some improvements as early as tomorrow. >> it is humid outside. very cool on the highway. no problems to report and all as far as traffic around the beltway. south into richmond, north into baltimore, and good into the district. dulles greenway, dulles toll road, 28, it looks excellent. nice ride here in virginia. headlights north out of newington. this is 270 traffic, nothing complicated in either direction at fath hurley boulevard. now to top stories. >> tha
by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >>> good tuesday morning. i'm doug mcelway. >> and i'm alison starling. good morning. we will have more on that situation out west. we begin with your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> brian van de graaff, a bit of a chill in the air. >> there is a nip in the air. 52 in winchester. 53 in woodbridge. it was 54 degrees in fairfax this morning. it is a cool start to the morning. total sunshine, comfortable conditions, lowumidity. normally we are about 84 degrees. cracku>> traffic looks ok. nothing to report along 66. the issue will be traffic across the american legion bridge. those are the headlights in the camera with a substantial drop- off in the pavement. the far le lane d the far right lane of the smoothest to go. there is an incredible bump in the center lanes. traffic on the right out of bethesda to get into bethesda -- to get into virginia seems smoothes. >> thank you. >>> we begin with a check on the developing situation out west. >> the deadly w
on the solemn anniversary. good morning. >> good morning. there will be ceremonies in new york and in washington. across the nation, thousands of americans have found their own way to mark this anniversary. from ground zero to the pentagon, it is a day of solemn remembrance. at the site of the world trade center, a massive steel column has been returned. >> it means progress. it means we're moving ahead. >> in boston, where two of the faithful plane started, a high school senior honored victims with 3000 flags. >> they went into a building to go to work. they lost everything. >> in new jers, residents come to the metal lands where a dual pier some elisa's t fallen towers. >> is aimed at the area where the twin towers were. -- it is aimed at the area where the twin towers war. >> there is a memorial in bayonne. >> i have observed people crying and solemn faces coming through. it is sold corn for us not to forget what happened. >> house speaker nancy pelosi dismissed calls for a surge of troops to combat rising violence. >> i did not think there is a great deal of support for sending more troops t
to wjla.com to find out. >> good morning, washington. >>> and we say good morning, but washington, as well. 6:11. the first day of september. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> brian stepped outside. >> some folks may call it chilly this morning. we have 40's in the western suburbs. it may be a shock to this system. take a look at theseumbe. is 49 in st. mary's county. 54 in ashburn. temperasre will climb back into the mid 70's. 76 deges, sunshine, and low humidity. we have low average temperatures for the next couple of days. we will give you an update on the holiday weekend in just a moment. >> the george washington parkway and the clara barton parkway are running smoothly. so is the baltimore-washington parkway. you can see through the trees in this camera. it is so beautiful rights now. we will leave the potomac river and tell you there's not much happening around the beltway. there was a stalled vehicle near the ikea but they moved it out of the way. i did not give you a chance to tell you. >> thank you. >>> 6:12, up 58 degrees. >> marvel comics and mickey mouse. w
scattered light showers throughout the morning throughout washington, and heavier rain to the south. right now, where you see the area of blue, we are getting light sprinkles from prince georges county, and then on to mt. vernon, and down interstate 95 as well. all the way down prince william county. these are heading off to the north and west and intending to break up as time goes by. right now the wider view of the radar showing steadier rain further to the south. that area of rain is sort of moving in from the east, and is going to be passing up, perhaps near fredericksburg in the next half hour or so. it will remain south and east of washington. temperatures right now around the region are in the upper 60s generally. it's now 67 in washington. near 70 on the eastern shore. upper 60s out of the mountains. and overt last six hours, we see the system giving us this moist flow that will keephe t clouds. a look at the rest of the week and the weekend, that will be in a few minutes. >> thank you, tom. >>> the rain made for a messy morning commute. let's see how things are shaping up with jer
surgery. nbc news reports he is undergoing elective surgery at george washington university hospital. we're told this is a pretty routine procedure. >>> looking outside now, it's been a wet morning. >> sure has. what we can expect. it sounds like some of the folks got drenched waiting at the comcast center this morning. >> yeah. wasn't heavy rain but we did have light rain moving through. this has been going on since predawn this morning. we continue to see light rain now moving across northern virginia and into maryland moving out of the southwest and heading toward the northeast. the area of blue is light rain, the areas of green, coming down harder right near mclean now as well as warrenton and fauquier county. other areas of light rain in loudoun county and to the north and east up toward northeast of baltimore, right now in washington and northwest we're getting some light rain. southern montgomery county and right now coming into southern howard county. there is one area of light to moderate rain near potomac and montgomery county. and again, this is all heading off to the north an
that that the towers collapsed. and then there was an attack in washington, d.c. we now have confirmed reports of a plane that crashed into the pentagon. we have no reports of confirmed injuries or death. however, it's clear, officials all across the country are now saying this is a deliberate terrorist attack on the united states. as tom has put it so far this morning, this is a declaration of war by terrorists against the united states. >> and by the way, another large plane crashed as well just north of somerset county airport. 80 miles southeast of pittsburgh, pennsylvania. it was a boeing 767 that crashed around 10:00 this morning and it is unclear whether the crash was related to the other crashes that took place this morning. >> president bush is en route back to washington. the state department has been evacuated. there has been that attack on the pentagon. that has been evacuated. the white house has been evacuated and emergency meeting of the national security council. this is the most serious attack on the united states since pearl harbor. there has never been a terrorist attack of
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morning washington" begins right now. captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >>> good wednesday morning. i'm doug mcelway. >> and i'm alison starling. thank you for ining us on this wednesday morning. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> let's start with brian van de graaff. more moisture out there. >> the storm system off our coast is impacting us with the easterly winds flow. i noticed this band of rain to the north. bit.rain is sinking south w b a better chance for rain tomorrow. we are mainly in mid 60's. why. mostly cow -- mostly cloudy with the temperature in the low to mid 70's. >> interstate travel looks good. right now at the american legion bridge, everything is open. overnight construction is out of the way. the headlights are heading out of virginia and getting into maryland's. nothing complicated to report as far as 270 traffic. plenty of traffic out of fredericksburg this is 95 in virginia. not too bad through loudoun county. the dulles greenway is good at 28. " will have more on the traffic seen. >> thank you. >>>
, michaelatcknso will finally be buried. "good morning washington" continues right now. captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >>> good morning, washington. it is 6:00. i am doug mckelway. >> and i am greta kreuz in for alison. your traffic and weather tother every 10 minutes. >> we do have big probms on the american legion bridge. let's start with brian. >> ..prle clouds that are coming through. omempeturesrelem f b from below 60's in aexaniadr to 40's in parts of west virginia. >> it is rushed to get across the potomac river. outer loop drivers out of maryland using the american legion bridge, a high seas. it is a 15-foot boat that fell off a trailer. this is oy been working for about 20 minutes. outer loop, a boat off of a trailer on the american legion bridge in the left lane. now to top stories. >> thank you. >>> we begin with the latest on that dramatic police chase that ended with a dramatic shoot out. >> abc 7 was there, while police were following a murder suspect. courtney robinson is live with the very latest. >> good morning. all of this began with a double
close these stations now? megan joins us live from ronald reagan washington national airport with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. whether you are hopping a plane and getting out of town for the holiday weekend or heading to pentagon city for shopping there were thousands of people planning on taking metro this weekend and now can't because of these three station closures. there are many including prominent lawmakers who want to know more about the timing of these closures, they want to know why the public didn't get more notice. >> thank you. >> reporter: the pentagon city metro station, it's a busy place. during the week many use it to get to their offices, on the weekends you have the shoppers headed to the malls. with labor day sales and back-to-school shopping many wonder why metro would close the stations for the entire weekend. >> it's obviously poor planning. no one would close it on a holiday weekend. >> reporter: and the pentagon city station isn't the only one affected. track work will close the crystal city and reagan national stops. many lawmakers who repre
of this nature in the city of washington on the anniversary of 9/11. i would like to talk to that person and figure out what was going through his or her mind. >> pat collins, reporting olliv. thank you, pat. >>>now, remembering 9/11, some of the families of those killed at the pentagon on september 11th are gathering again this morning. >> president obama spoke to them during an emotional memorial service a short time ago. and megan joins us live from the pentagon with more. good morning, megan. >> reporter: good morning. this, of course, is a very emotional and difcult day for the family members that lost loved ones. they have come here to the pentagon to honor the loved ones that they lost and to spend time at the memorial. we have a number of family members who are at the victim's memorial right now following the conclusion of the remembrance ceremony. it was eight years ago today that flight 77 slammed into the side of the pentagon and killed 184 people. today the memorial was held here, and it was dedicated last year. this year, though, it quite a bit different. a day so different
are in the 60s in the suburbs and rural areas. near 70 in washington and near the bay. we're going to have quite a bit of cloudiness around today. maybe a little sun. by noontime mid 70s. holding steady in the mid 70s through the afternoon and a small chance of light rain. sunrise at 651. sunset at 7:14 slight chance of sprinkles this evening. a likelihood of showers as we get going on thursday. tomorrow looks like a wet day, especially in the morning. by the afternoon we ought to begin to dry out a bit. for friday and into saturday looking partly cloudy with highs in the mid 70s. maybe more showers moving in late on sunday and first part of next week. that's the way it works on this wednesday morning. back with frequent updates throughout the morning. >> all right, thank you. >>> folks confuse me with jerry edwards. >> does that happen regularly? >> that's what happens when you work together -- >> the resemblance is not striking at all. >> like being married, right, jerry? >> usually only on the weekends with me. that's another story. >>> the wilson bridge was up earlier this morning. it is bac
here in washington with a high temperature of 73. let me emphasize, well out to the west, you'll wake up with clouds and a sunny afternoon and could reach 80 in points to the west, towards winchester and the mountains of vest earn virginia. more details coming up. let's get to julie wright. >>> a new accident to report on the beltway in silver spring. and we still have the accident in virginia southbound 395 trying to work past ridge road and down toward shirlington. accident involving an overturned vehicle. now you can see traffic is able to get by using the two left lanes as you travel from the 14th street bridge toward landmark. two lanes now open at this time. eastbound washington boulevard at columbia pike is where we have a crash. i'm told that the eastbound lanes are blocked and traffic is being diverted througha parking. lanes open at 395 and across the 14th street bridge. accident on the outer loop of the beltway past the exit for colesville road. traffic jammed out of college park westbound around 495. more slow traffic off of the southbound 270 spur toward the math. two sep
should put it back in my pocket and finish it later. i assembled some of the best minds in washington to talk about the state of play in the white house. we will be right back with a scintillating conversation. that is a promise. >> "white house chronicle" is produced in collaboration with whut, haueter university television. and now, your host, national syndicated columnist, llewellyn king, and co-host, linda gasparello. >> hello again, and thank you for coming along. now is when i really worry about whether it will be scintillating. i am joined by linda gasparello of this program. scintillating. >> i am right in your pocket. [laughter] >> someone who has heretofore been scintillating, joe matthews, host of potus on sirius xm radio -- often gracious to have me on and it covers the audio on 9:30 on saturdays. bob franken -- writer, broadcaster, man about town. known for his incisive interviews on cnn and now with an -- >> snb say and writing for politico -- now with msnbc and writing for politico. >> did you say scintillating? >> don't play but the language. that is my job. chuck lewi
of recession. first, this report from sarah myers in washington. >> there were rumblings of a financial meltdown, but it was after the collapse of lehman brothers won most of the world woke up to the fact that something was deeply wrong on wall street. in the year since then u.s. banks have absorbed $700 billion worth of government bailout funds, handed out by congress in an effort to keep the economy afloat. there was much talk of real far- reaching reform, something that most feel has not been achieved. >> they have done great work stabilizing the financial system but they have changed nothing fundamentally. until they do, the risk of another financial panic is very high. >> today's subject is regaining confidence. this administration clings to the belief that while americans are still feeling the recession, there are signs that the economy is beginning to mend. there are those that say the president failed to seize the moment to bring major changes. the wall street that he will address today has far more self- esteem and it did this time next year, and may be able to fight legislatio
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